Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Wednesday-Thrills and chills at 10:55 AM

Yesterday was amazing. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and i barely even needed a jacket. I haven't been on my bike in a few days and was itching to ride So the babe and i bikes into downtown to meet Bryan for a family date. Our go to place in downtown is always Roosters, we never seem like a burden being there and the food is always great.

Today i plan on going to the tree house museum, the best place to exhaust your kids ever. The trick is to play with them but not too much. For instance point out something cool and say' race you there' but pretend run while they bolt. By the end of your trip they are ready for a 3 day nap and you still have enough energy to catch up on your cheesy 80's sitcoms.

Indie Ogden Utah has a new Addition- JulieAnn Carter-Winward. For the next 5 weeks you Will get the pleasure of reading her short story based in Ogden that she wrote especially for Indie Ogden Utah . This series starts today so get excited and go read!

There are a lot of really cool things happening this Glorious overcast Wednesday so dive in folks. Also Don't forget about the Indie Ogden Utah promo video this Friday, RSVP HERE. And be sure to check out my latest article in Sloucher zine HERE.

Women’s Center hosts a Women’s History Month open House featuring food, information, games and prizes, Shepherd Union Building Atrium and Room 322, 10 a.m., free, 801-626-6090.

American Democracy Project will host “Constitutional Rights in the Balance: Challenging Ogden’s Gang Injunction,” 10:30 a.m., Shepherd Union Ballroom A, free, 801-626-6695 or

Weber State University Davis presents “Recipe for Success: Improve Your Test-Taking Skills,” 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., WSU Davis Room 117 (2750 N. University Park Blvd., Layton), free, 801-395-3514.

Outdoor Program will host an intro to mountaineering course, March 2 & 4 class 5:30-7:30 p.m.*, Annex 9 (4100 S. Taylor Ave.), $45 Non-WSU/$40 WSU ID, 801-626-6373. (*March 5-6 class at Snowbasin Ski Resort.)

Spanish Films series will present “Airbag,” 7 p.m., Shepherd Union Wildcat Theater, free, 801-626-6193 or (All movies are in Spanish with English subtitles and not rated.)

Department of Performing Arts will host the Bonneville Chamber Music Festival Concert, 7:30 p.m., Val A. Browning Center Allred Theater, free, 1-800-WSU-TIKS or

men’s basketball vs. Eastern Washington, 8 p.m., Dee Events Center, $25/$22/$18/$15/$10/$8/free to WSU students with Wildcard ID, 801-626-8500 or 1-800-WSU-TIKS.

Learn about predator prey relationships with the help of Gidget our northern saw-whet owl. Meet Gidget in person and get an up-close look at skulls, pelts, teeth, and more while learning about the traits that help animals survive in the wild. Meet in the Visitor's Center

Join the 'Independent Film Society' for some fun times getting to know your fellow film junkies in the local scene hear at the Ogden meet-up at Uncommon Grounds. This week they will be discussing the Oscars, well-written screenplays, and upcoming film projects.

Karaoke Wednesday at the sand trap . Karaoke has been a feature at this local bar since 1984.

be a rockstar for a few minutes and join in open mic night at brewskis.

Today's local deals
Tiia Lin is having a giveaway!
Vintage cupcakes has day old cupcakes for only $8 dozen
Godealgo- Get $6 worth of food and drinks for only $3! Also
Herbon’s will give your carpet its spring cleaning TLC for only $39, half off regular.

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