Sunday, February 13, 2011
GROW- The Red Party at 11:35 AM

Last night was a momentous night exceeding my expectations and going far beyond. I was graciously gifted a ticket to The Red Party benefit for GROW, the gathering the resources of women group. Grow is an all inclusive, grass roots women’s networking community, created by the women who participate in it. Their sole purpose is to invite all women to come together to create community, have fun, meet new people and to support each other as they all share their creativity, ideas and resources with one another.
The event was held at the Crowley art gallery on historic 25Th street. Everyone dressed up in their best shades of red and gathering in the gallery for music, dancing and the flow of endless wine. Revolver, a local Beatles tribute band, held nothing back when they played and they got the crowd dancing until we could no longer stand. The chef made a roast beef that can only be described as 'perfect'. Crème brûlée, lavendar cookies, fudge and other deserts were being passed around and were all incredible. In the mezzanine there was a silent auction as well as a tarot reader. I was feeling open so i tried out my luck with a little tarot and was truly moved by her intuitive reading. Everything was clear and was exactly what i needed to hear, a perfect compliment to a perfect night.
This event showed me how powerful having a community of women is, and how amazing the women of Ogden are. Business owners and community members support each other, promote each other and want each other to succeed. They gather all of their knowledge, resources and skills and come together to better the community and to better themselves and each other. It really was a powerful night and i encourage all of you women of Ogden to attend the next grow meeting.
I want to thank the women of GROW and all of the amazing people who made this event happen. Thank you for making Ogden the inspiring place that it is and thank you for all your hard work building this community.

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Blogger Chelsi said on February 13, 2011

  You look so pretty! You are just adorable!

Blogger mama mouse said on February 13, 2011

  awwww your too sweet!

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