Monday, February 14, 2011
Local Spotlight- Bruce Carlson at 9:25 AM

I never had the pleasure of meeting this man but i had the pleasure of hearing the great stories about him. He has certainly made his impact on Ogden and on everyone he has encountered. To some he was a dear friend, a loyal customer, an ambassador of Ogden and to others he was an urban legend. No matter how well someone knew Bruce Carlson he had a way of leaving a lasting impression. The loss of this man has created a wave across Ogden not of sadness really, but of camaraderie. Stories of how one met Bruce, his eccentric ways and funny anecdotes are spreading around and friends of Bruce are uniting in beautiful ways. It seems a fitting tribute to a man who had so much joy. A memorial party, a tour DE Bruce and a fashion show of Bruce's eccentric styles is in the works. If i can only make half the impression that Bruce has left on this community then i say that i have lived my life to its fullest potential , i can say i embraced life wholeheartedly.

Here are some of the beautiful, funny, inspiring and true things that Ogden has to say about Bruce Carlson:
I never once heard him say anything negative or saw him in a bad mood, always positive, always. he would greet naysayers with a kind word.
He understood the world around him in a deep and insightful way, and always shared the love and delight he felt for those around him.
He would come in and tell me about his long walks on the Ogden river trail, hanging out in the sauna, his brand new toaster oven, French fashion magazines, and all sorts of random daily activities. Bruce just loved to chat and he loved company
The very first time I met Bruce he was wearing a toga.We were at Beatniks listening to poets and he came over to comment on my pearls. He was such a gentle man. We talked for quite a while. The next time I saw him.....HE was wearing pearls
When he'd pull up the bar stool next to you, there was no telling where the conversation might go...he might extol the virtues of cashmere or talk about the best website for obscure books or tell you about a film so "Indy" that it made Sundance pics look utterly mainstream. But Bruce lived in the sense of the Thoreau quote..."I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately, to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to put to rout all that was not life and not discover, when I had come to die, that I had not lived.
Tea in test tubes raised to precise temperatures. Tireless parade of one in second hand women's finery and jewelry from the Metropolitan Museum catalogue. Lover of opera and jazz, Greek theater enthusiast. Man about town who knew everyone but still suffered from profound loneliness. I hope when death found him he was dreaming of Paris
He was going to a costume party and wanted me to do his makeup....He wanted his face, shoulders and chest painted in an iridescent rainbow and that's what he got. He wrapped a white cloth around his little hips and called it a Greek god costume.
he was a part of the greatest time of my life. blues night wasn't right without could always tell if Bruce liked the band, he would do his shuffle dance.
I will miss talking to you about the opera, sex, & how to care and store cashmere sweaters! You were one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever known.

If you know Bruce, were inspired by him or want to honor his memory i encourage you to attend his memorial Sunday the 20Th of February, 5pm at Borrowed Earth Emporium 2242 Washington Blvd. Bring Bruce's favorite dish, your favorite dish, a story, a poem, a song, a hand to hold and an open heart. Please forward any pictures that you have to so that they can be includes in the slide show

Life is short, complicated and beautiful. Enjoy the ones you love, embrace the ones you just met, live and be open to be loved. Let us all aspire to be as open and true as Bruce was, let us live life to it fullest, sing openly, dance wildly and wear what we feel. Goodbye Bruce you will not be forgotten.

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