Sunday, January 30, 2011
Winterfest, date night and too much chocolate at 1:12 AM

This has been a wonderful weekend, the best weekend ever...ever. I may have over exerted myself but it was oh so worth it.

Friday morning i ran for the first time in months. A mama friend and i ventured out early for our first 'run', which was really more of a trot walk and gab session. It was quite exhausting but felt so good. I came home with a ton of energy so the girl child and i went adventuring to winterfest. We took the bus instead of biking as usual and came to realize that biking is so much better. The bus was detoured and dropped us off much too far away from downtown and on the way home we had to walk 8 blocks to get to the non-existent detour stop only to have 2 buses pass and not stop. we called the papa and he carted my bike over and we biked home with ease. I will never betray you again dear bike and bike cart, you are so much better than a bus.

Winterest was lovely and slushy and the weather was perfect. We stopped into little cherry blossoms and gabbed with the owner Carey who is always a pleasure to talk to. Since it was a Friday Carey had adorable little cupcake bites from vintage cupcakes with hot pink frosting and teeny little edible pearls, yum! The girl child and i watched the toboggans attempt to race down the hill but the snow was not quite cooperating. A nice lady tossing Hershey's candy gave Hunter the ENTIRE container. sigh... there was no way to take it all away so there will be chocolate rations and late night mommy snacks for months.

To end this day of childhood bliss hunter got to hug a coca cola bear and i do believe she thought he was real because later she said ' He was a good bear mommy, he didn't eat me'. I hope you all got a chance to check out winterfest; though the weather was a bit warm making it all a bit slushy it was still oh so fun.

Saturday I lounged around in my jammies for as long as possible trying to recover from the exhaustion of the previous day . My legs felt brutalized and i woke up much to early for a Saturday. I decided to take it easy all day except for an important Newman-O run. Thanks to the mamas childcare exchange group I'm in my sweetie and i were able to go on a real date. Together. With out the babe. AT NIGHT! And thanks to a lovely lady at SLC city weekly i was generously gifted 2 tickets to see "life in a day" at Peery's Egyptian Theater.

We took our seats in the beautifully decorated theater as the organ player entertained, It was all very magical and lovely. I saw Mike Brice whom i met at the Ogden tweet-up but no sign of Bill Murray...sigh. The movie was more than i expected and so hard to explain. We sometimes become so wrapped up in our own lives, our own routines, our own reality that we sometimes forget that there are others out there. This movie reminds us that we are not alone, that we are lucky to be alive and that life is precious. At one point the theatre is full of hysterical laughter and another moment were holding our loves hand trying to hold back tears. You see other realities and suddenly realize how small you are and how big you have the potential to become. I definitely left the theatre with a renewed appreciation for life and promise to myself to appreciate whats around me.

Sunday will be a no plans day. We will eat cookies and watch cartoons and cuddle. This weekend was indeed the best weekend ever...EVER! Thank you to all who have supported Indie Ogden thus far, this is going to be an incredible year. Seize every moment.

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