Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Wednesday at 10:23 AM

This past week has been wonderfully inspiring! I attended the local first- ogden meeting and met some wonderful folks who love and support all this is Ogden and learned about some exciting things to come. I met with
Amir from nurture the creative minds foundation and am excited to begin collaborating with them and becoming an involved member of this amazing project. Last but not least i started organizing a Yelp event here in Ogden. Local Yelpers will get together for free food and local delights and yelp swag! wanna get an invite to this party? Get on yelp and start reviewing your favorite local places today! My what a busy week its been, besides all the schmoozing i also learned about a rad local blogger and there will be some guest blogs coming soon so keep an eye out!

As you all may have guessed Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week and today is going to be tons of fun.

Have you checked out the art exhibit at the
Eccles community arts center? The Eccles Community Art Center will exhibit the art of the members of the Palette Club of Ogden in Main Gallery during January so check it out today. While your at the Eccles art enter try out some of their rad yoga classes happening all morning.

Has anyone noticed all of the crows out recently? In my yard i have 3 trees and
thousands of crows have been flocking there nightly to roost. Beginning in fall as the days draw in, crows do something strange and interesting: birds that forage over a large area during the day come together to spend the night in a communal roost. Crow populations are high in many areas, and roosts of a million birds have been reported. A couple years ago a crow went on a crime spreeOgden nature centers wild Wednesday "Wild About Ravens" presentation. Have you ever wondered how to tell the difference between a raven and a crow? Come find out as we learn about these mischievous birds. Discover how ravens make and use tools. Meet the Ogden Nature Center's resident raven here in Ogden outsmarting everyone in town. You can learn all about crows and ravens at the Cronk and participate in a raven story. Meet in the Visitor's Center.

Wednesday is the weekly
meetup for independent film lovers in Ogden. Meetings are held at grounds for coffee on 25Th street and its a great way to meet other local film buffs. Ogden also has its very own film institute and if your interested in learning more about film making check out foursite film institute also located on 25Th street.

Tonight if you wanna hear great music and stroll downtown head over to Union Station for jazz at the station.
Charls Grodn will be there to entertain you with some great jazz music, members include Chris Clemons on trumpet, Ryan Conger on keys, Greg Shaw on bass and Jed Keipp on drums so check them out tonight.

Another great event tonight at the union station is the weekly cowboy dance held in the Browning Theater.
There are all kinds of Swing Dancin’, Two-Steppin’, and Line Dancin’ that will be happening. You’ll also see people doing the Country Waltz, the Cowboy Cha Cha, the Night Club Two-Step, the Triple Step, the West Coast Swing and plenty of other kinds of dancing. So try something new, dig out those cowboy boots and get out and dance.

Don't go home just yet, have a couple drinks for bravery and be a rock star for a few minutes and join in open mic night at brewskis.

still looking for more? be sure to check out the indie Ogden blog calendar for more events!

Ume boutique -
20% off ALL purses this ENTIRE month (codeword - snowflake)
Rovalis- answer their facebook trivia and be entered to win a git certificate
off the back fabrication and Ogden city murder cycles- say indie Ogden and get 10% off
go deal go-
In Weber today, get yourself and loved ones prepared for a disaster with a 72-hour emergency food supply for only $39, reg. $78! Get your voucher and redeem it at My Heritage Fabrics in Ogden. Go for it!!
Kaffe mercantile- double stamp Wednesday
sock monkey'n around antiques-
Take 20% off any 1 item that has a sock monkey on the tag! Tday only!

love great local deals? groupon is now in ogden! check them out to save today, and businesses join now and generate sales!

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