Thursday, January 20, 2011
On Thursday i shall nap at 8:25 AM

I am so
exhausted today. I stayed up late thanks to an eventing cup of coffee (why did i do that?) and just when my deepest sleep kicked in, in the middle of an awesome dream about a dragon, i woke up to my daughter peeing on me. sigh... I love her to pieces, she is my baby, but seriously did you have to pee on me? She had woken up earlier crying that she had a bad dream and i was too tired to try and put her back to bed so i just let her crawl into my bed. Curse my laziness! I payed for it big time by being flooded out of quite possibly the most epic dream ever by a river of pee.Of course she slept through it all not even flinching when i tossed her back onto her own bed. Thank goodness for mattress savers and that brilliant suggestion from by dad to buy a steam cleaner.

I tried desperately to get back to bed but just huffed and puffed and tossed and turned and finally turned on cartoons. On the upside i was awake enough to make egg bagel sandwiches with fresh made pesto (extra from last nights dinner) , smoked salmon (from my sister in Alaska) and cream cheese (um from... smiths). It was
delish and almost made up for my sleep deprivation until i realized i couldn't hold my eyelids open. More coffee, a vicious and oh so delicious cycle.

Speaking of coffee! Did you know Grounds for Coffee on Harrison is celebrating 20 year sin business? Groupon is now offering the amazing deal for
GFC of HALF OFF COFFEE and you can use this coupon at both Ogden location! Committed to bringing freshly roasted and brewed java to the Ogden area, Grounds for coffee sets the fragrant scene with friendly baristas and a locals only vibe. Cozy up and choose a cappuccino ($2.20) or grab an espresso-coffee grand slam ($2.05+) while cruising the web (WIFI is free) or spending an afternoon people stalking. Patrons can also satisfy savory cravings with a turkey and avocado ($4.75), chicken curry sandwich ($5.95), or make-your-own pita pizza (starting at $4.50), choosing from a list of assorted toppings. Salads hush hunger sounds too, so choose the healthful Rainbow salad, filled with a slew of vibrant veggies, or the Sweet & Crunchy, a spinach filled dish with tomato, bell pepper, red onion, craisins, and almonds ($3.75 for salads), for a bite to go with your caffeine buzz

There are so many amazing blogs in Ogden that i thought I'd do a little blog roll to get y'all up to date. A photo journal about pretties and fashion.
About the author- Chelsi is an amateur writer, politically passionate, pop culture enthusiast, fashion admirer, DIY decorator, nature/animal loving Utah girl. - a blog about an Ogden mama doing her thing.
About the author- Since I can't bring home the bacon writing best-sellers, I make do here in the blogging world. I spend my days with my little girl, teach Pilates and Yoga, and make things.
Random Diatribes from the Twisted Mind of JulieAnn
About the author- My name is JulieAnn and I'm a published author and painter living in the mountains of Ogden Utah. I am the author of nine books--three published, more on the way. real stories about real in Ogden
About the author- Mike Brice is a corporate communicator using a variety of methods to tell real stories about real people. - Blogging about South Ogden, Weber County
About the author-
BenJoe blogs about Politics, Personal Finance and the things I see around me--mostly sitting in my front yard on my comfortable old wood bench. Photography by a talented lady
About the author- Mom to 4 boys full time. Photographer part time. Graduate student. Runner. musings by di
About the author-
My name is Di. I live my life and I am pretty darn happy

There are plenty more to check out and if you have any recommendations for me- comment !

Tonight don't forget to check out The open jam session at Mojos. An amazing henna artist will be there and of course there will be plenty of local talent!

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Blogger maleahbliss said on January 21, 2011

  I blog out of Ogden too! :)

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