Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Local spotlight- The R.U.G.S at 8:07 PM

photo by steve colin
Sometimes all i want to do is lie down in the grass and stare at the sky. I like to put on headphones and walk and walk and walk until i find the perfect spot to lie down and just watch. I watch the clouds roll by, birds fly overhead, the wind blowing the leaves on trees. I remove all thoughts from my head and just let my body be. You see things you don't usually have the opportunity to see when you let yourself absorb into your surroundings.

Whenever i am stressed out and need to remove myself from my world i put on a record that reminds me of those feelings. Listening to the R.U.G.S is like laying in the grass. Its like summer, running in a field, watermelon on a hot day, a daydream, a head rush or the feelings you get when you crush brushes your hand.

Formed by Rick Gerber, Jason Sawyer, Dylan Roe, B.J. Parker; members of Tanglewood, Spell Talk, Ulysses, Jr & the Transportation and A.M. Revelator. The R.U.G.S are a psychedelic mix of 60's rock and indie melodies transporting straight from an era past to bring you authentic and beautiful music. Check out The R.U.G.S for a moonage daydream , waking hallucination, mellow high experience.

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Anonymous Anonymous said on March 09, 2011

  Steve Conlin photo

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