Thursday, February 10, 2011
Indie Ogden's Guide to fun at 11:39 AM

For all you tourists here are MY recommendations for having a good time in Ogden!


Kamikazes- punk bar is an old church, rad shows, pool tables, and 2 bars a mellow and rowdy bar. This is my go to place for good fun!

Brewskis- metal heads, derby girls and everyone in between hangs out here. cheap drinks and loud music.

City club- feeling a bit on the mellow side? check out city club and see the largest Beatles memorabilia and try a beetles inspired drink.


Mojos- rad all ages venue that has a quirky vintage store attached. they serve coffee all night- try the mojochino and there is a stage that everyone is welcome to get up on. oh and did i mention all the couches?

The basement- Another all ages venue that plays hardcore, metal and indie shows. affordable door prices and really rad bands.

Storm cellar- This is a new venue located inside uncommon grounds. Indie shows galore and all shows are only 5 bucks!


Pizza runner- seriously the best pizza ever..ever. they have huge toppings and you have to try the jalapeno bread sticks.

Roosters- they brew their own beer and cook up a mean burger.

Vintage cupcakes- feeling a need for sweets? go to vintage cupcakes for amazingness.

Dees- stuck in a time warp and oh so good. Dees is your place for recovering after a really fun night.


Grounds for coffee- 2 locations in town one downtown and one on Harrison. Amazing coffee and the one on Harrison has been around for 20 years!

Borrowed earth emporium- yoga, massages, crepes and coffee and they host Saturday acoustic shows too.

Uncommon grounds- located downtown and has a fireplace, free air hockey and foosball, plus shows on Friday and Saturday nights.


Ume'- designer and local clothes and amazing prices

Urban Chic- best vintage store in the universe, no joke

Cherry Blossoms- got kids? this place has the best kids clothes and on Fridays- cupcakes for you!

Ogden Rox- huge discounts on sports wear. i got dakine snowboarding gloves that retail 75 bucks for 15 bucks! insanity!


Solomon center- indoor skydiving, surfing and rock climbing, glow golf, bowling and an arcade.

Megaplex- giant theater full of rad movies

Ice sheet-You an do it all- Ice Hockey,Figure Skating, Curling, and Public Skates.


Treehouse museum- it really is a giant tree house! you can milk a fake cow, ride a horse, play life size chess and band on musical walls. . . EPIC

Dinosaur park- You can did up dinosaur bones and tromp around with life size dinos! they also have paleontology classes for kids.

Union station-inside the union station there is a railroad museum, gun museum and classic car museum!


Cik skate park-Indoors skate/bmx park with couches, wi-fi, snack bar and a skate store.

Crossroads skate park- over 4000 square feet of park. skateboards and inline only.

Ogden parks- a list off all the parks in Ogden from little strips of grass to fun on water parks and skate parks.


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Blogger ladaisi said on February 10, 2011

  Man more and more I'm thinking I need to come visit this place! You make it sound lovely!

Ladaisi Blog

Going to borrow your button for my stamp collection page!

Blogger mama mouse said on February 10, 2011

  awww you're too sweet. thanks you for your support and come visit ogden anytime.

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