Saturday, December 25, 2010
Christmas Time! at 12:32 PM

Christmas Time is stressful,chaotic and amazing. So much work goes into making everything perfect, you stress over details and slave over meals just to have that often short moment when your kids, partners or friends open their presents. This year was a bit different for us since we were away from family and in a new town but we made the best of it. Thursday we went over to Mojos for their Christmas party. Honestly, i didn't get to pay much attention to the music since i had my daughter with me but i enjoyed being around all the Mojos folks and had fun just out with the family.

Christmas eve we had a few friends, who also relocated here, over for some ham and video games. I was feeling exhausted since my daughter seemed to be going at 100MPH but i had to stay up to wrap presents. My husband made white Russians and we watched the Grinch who stole x mas and fell asleep.

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On Christmas morning i expected my daughter to leap out of bed and run to her presents. Instead she layed in bed watching a Christmas movie and eating a candy cane. finally i convinced her to get up and open some and she tore through them like a pro and ooh-ed and aah-ed at every thing. it was what i wanted and i couldn't stop smiling.

We haven't really perfected any concrete Christmas traditions but It seems to work out great anyway. Have a merry Christmas everyone and don't forget to enter the giveaway HERE

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