Friday, June 24, 2011
Friday: Foodies, Vintage prom and Karaoke! at 9:59 AM

It's Friday and today i am buckling down! I have been lazing about lately feeling blah and today that changes. I have some project i want to get done and by golly i WILL be productive today! I am doing a bloggers challenge for the "living on the chic" blog so i have to get crafty and create something awesome out of a potter barn basket liner. Also on the menu for today's productivity: fine tune my recipe for the amazing dish i am making for the the Local first fundraiser at the BEE tomorrow. . . oh and eat Popsicles in the sun , duh.

I am also so very excited for today because i recently won a ticket to Vintage prom and i am so so so excited to dress up and be all girly. I am wearing a dress i have worn before because i couldn't afford a new dress , i was kinda bummed about it at first but then i got crafty. I am updating the dress with accessories and a couple alterations and now it looks brand new . Any dress can be made new with a few crafty changes.

Today's events are pretty awesome to choose wisely or learn to teleport!

6PM-Ogden dining out club:
meet other foodies and try some amazing Italian food at the local restaurant rovalis at 174 Historic 25th Street Ogden, UT . Who's hosting? Lisa. Price: $1.00 per person. How to find us: Look for us or ask the hostess. Rovali's Ristorante is a family owned and operated Italian restaurant located on Historic 25th Sreet. in Ogden.!

7PM-Vintage Prom:
There will be a Live Band, Dancing, Food, Drinks, Photography, Vintage Car Show, Door Prizes and Gift Bags at Vintage cupcakes first birthday party!. RSVP store 801-621-1336 to be put on guest list as space is limited.Tickets $15.00ea or $25.00 for couple~VINTAGE INPIRED FORMAL WEAR ENCOURAGED~

7PM-wiseguys comedy- Jamie Maxfield:
Jamie Maxfield made his first attempt at Stand-Up Comedy as part of a pact with several friends and is the only one still going. His comedic stylings have been described as a cross between Brian Regan and Jeff Foxworthy with his sense of humor originating in the deepest darkest places of the human experience; Saturday morning cartoons of the 80’s and a marriage to his High School sweetheart that has brought him a brood of six kids. Jamie draws a lot of his inspiration from a slightly twisted view of the world and a good hearted laugh about all that goes on in life.

9PM-Royal bliss:
Autostigmatic and Royal Bliss at kamikazes bar, Cover is $5.00. Royal Bliss is modern rock with a combination of heavy riffs and slick pop hooks that are both melodic and hard-hitting. Their anthems of sex, love, loss, and rage, are delivered with the passion that can only come from those who have lived it. Their very name, Royal Bliss, sums it up.

Scotty haze:Scotty Haze, a journeyman musician from Ogden, has been involved in the Northern Utah music scene since the 1970’s. Scotty has managed to play with just about every musician in Northern Utah

9PM-Lighthouse bar:
Unleash your inner rock star at lighthouse bar with karaoke from Jackson the karaoke dude.

resonomics- Ogden UT Hip-Hop

And seriously DO NOT miss this event happening TOMORROW!! It is the Hipster Thrifters Fashion Swap!!

And today is the very last day you can enter Indie Ogden's giveaways! so Enter today for a chance to win a pair of blowfish shoes or a gift card to Soap Hope!

**photo by kel-z

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