Sunday, August 14, 2011
Jazz At The Station: Shaky Trade at 9:32 PM

You've probably heard of the band Shaky Trade before you've heard them play. They have quite the following here in Ogden and it's well deserved. My experience was much the same.
I knew Shaky Trade was talented and respected before going to Union Station's monthly 'Jazz At The Station' event. I knew that they are serious musicians and that is no joke.

What I didn't know is that Billy Bommer had such a great voice and that his imminent talent has been honed from the public school system and years of experience. It's pretty impressive to say the least.

Chris Clemons is absolutely mind blowing. My father played trumpet throughout his academic career, so I know full well that Clemons' can pull off some pretty tricky insane stuff while he is holding that horn in his hands. High notes are not a problem for this guy.

Guitar player Brad Wright is the improvisation king of Ogden to be sure. And I was so grateful that this band isn't trying to just imitate some weak impression that people tend to have of jazz music. After taking Jazz History from the meticulous Professor Keven Johansen at the University of Utah, it's been drilled into my head how important fingerboard technique, scoring and improvisation are. And Shaky Trade knows this also.

Bassist Greg Shaw and percussionist Michael Wong keep the melody or 'the head' going in a catchy chord progression allowing band mates to do their thing. This is especially refreshing. And Ryan Conger is like the all seeing eye, who can add a Moog or Clavinet where it's needed without even being noticed. These types of moods and interactions with the audience are crucial for jazz music.

The bottom line is that Shaky Trade knows their trade, pun intended. Their arrangements are pleasant, fun and full of funk. I will be going to just about any show that this band puts on and look forward to see their continued success.

And here are your days events!

All Day

Visual Art: Exhibit: 37th Statewide Competition and works by Theresa Paolini - Eccles Community Art Center, 2580 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden, Utah 84401

9:30am – 3:30pm

Wild Things - From forests to fields the Ogden Nature Center is teeming with life. Journey through the ecosystems that make up this 152-acre nature preserve and take a peak at their inhabitants. Ogden Nature Center, 966 W. 12th Street, Ogden, UT 84404

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Wasatch Archery Programs Meetup - Wasatch Archery Programs Ogden, UT 84403

At Dusk

Monday Night at the Movies - located at Ogden City Amphitheater. Admission is FREE!

6:00pm - 11:00pm

Art House Cinema 502 - Ogden's premier art house cinema showing first run films from art movies to foreign to documentaries to local shorts along with far-from-center features at our weekend late night screenings. Join us for candy, popcorn, and a cold Coke in our small intimate theatre with limited seating with a personal touch on historic 25th Street in Ogden.

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