Saturday, May 21, 2011
Saturday in Ogden Utah at 10:42 AM

This weekend is going to be great! today is sunny and beautiful and there are a lot of amazing local events happening. I will be attending a wedding for my lovely friends and am oh so excited! I've only been to one wedding before as a bridesmaid in my little sisters wedding. I cried like child who lost their binkie but it was a beautiful ceremony and my father officiated it making it even More special. I Love wedding and am excited to celebrate with such amazing people.

If you don't know, my fiend Candice ( the bride) is an amazing belly dancer and henna artist and she regularly frequents mojos and the Athenian to practice her art. She is also one of the leading ladies in my group the Ogden rad mamas and she has an amazing green thumb. She is so dang crafty that she is even doing a DIY wedding! This lady has it all so lets all wish her a happy wedding and hope it doesn't rain!

Today's events:

All day-Ogden marathon:
The GOAL Foundation is pleased to announce the 11th Annual Ogden Marathon, Utah's Spring Run-Off, sponsored by ZIONS Bank. The Ogden Marathon features an awe-inspiring course, tremendous community enthusiasm, unsurpassed volunteer support and enjoyable pre- and post-race activities.

2pm Library movie:
Bambi-This film is part of the Cinema Saturdays series at the Main Library.

2pm Gallery theater prsents:
The Gallery Theater at the Eccles Community Art Center, 2580 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden will present an original play "Bad Show at Boffington Hall" a melodrama by Paul Birkbeckon. Saturday matinee begins at 2:00 p.m

7pm Mojos
super awesome punk show with Tainted halos, two mile road, uprooted, secret abilities and danger button. 8pm 6 bucks!!

7pm The Basement presents Tournament of Champions 2011 - FINALS
Doors open @ 6:00PM. 7:00 - Mountain Hymns, 7:45 - Beargrowl, Wolfhowl, 8:30 - Tribes, 9:15 - Mermaid Baby. As the judges scores are tallied, we will have a special guest performance by The Old World (formerly Matt Ben Jackson), last year's Tournament of Champions winner. The winner will be announced immediately following The Old World's performance, so stick around until the very end.

7pm-May Mania
want to see cars destroyed?come to the demolition derby at the golden spire arena!

7pm-Acoustic night at the BEE with che zuro:
After stints with L.A.'s Orchids, England’s The Photos, Josie Cotton, Puss 'n' Boots, Charlie Sexton, and her own band, Trinity Street, Ché Zuro decided to do it on her own! She mixes Beatle-ina pop with the acoustic grit of Led Zeppelin with harmonies and old folk rhythms played rock and roll style. Ché's work as a songwriter, alone and with writing partner Tisa Adamson, has received accolades in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and the Billboard Songwriting Contest. She has also placed several songs in feature films, including “Critters,” “The Invisible Kid,” & “Gypsy 83.” This part time fashion model and multi-instrumentalist is working on her 7th release on Youghiogheny River Records about the Pennsylvania area she is from. More about Ché can be found on her official website!

7pm-Diva's, Diamonds and dudes:
LaRae's Dance Unlimited presents "Divas, Diamonds, and Dudes", including a variety of dance featuring ballet (a short excerpt from "Sleeping Beauty"), tap, jazz, and Irish step dance.
This performance is free anLinkd open to the public at the peerys Egyptian theater.

9pm-Brewskis showcase Saturdays:
80's dance party featuring the Breakfast klub

9pm-Sand trap show
red dog revival-Progressive Psychedelic Butt Rock Blues

For more info on these events and to find lots and lots more events for this weekend check out INDIE OGDEN'S CALENDAR!!

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Blogger Veronica Lee said on May 22, 2011

  Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
Have a nice day!

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