Sunday, August 28, 2011
Troll Hunting, and I like Cherry Garcia ice cream...If anyone wants to make an anonymous donation at 11:17 AM

Ok, so...If you have not heard about the amazing Norwegian film “Troll Hunter” by now, shame on you.  I have been watching this film’s progression, since basic inception through to the finished product with a HUGE amount of interest over the last little while.  I mean, an amazing foreign film that I have to read subtitles, disguised as a mockumentary that, quite frankly, puts The Blair Witch Project to shame, as far as it’s innovation is concerned, and ability to really put together a fun film experience.  By the way, that is not saying anything against The Blair Witch Project, because that is one of my most favorite flicks!
Scandinavian trolls tend to be very big, hairy, stupid, and slow to act.  Any human who has the courage (and obvious stupidity), can outwit a troll, and even challenge them to mortal combat.  When christianity came to the area, the trolls developed a hatred for the church-bells, and the smell of Christians (which plays into the film very well).  They are oftentimes described as man-eaters, extremely old, very strong, ill-tempered, but slow and dim-witted.  The troll aspect of Norse mythology has always held a special place in my heart, and it is so amazing to see such a wonderful flick that actually encompasses this amazing myth.
Anyways, Troll Hunter is such a delight, and one of my most favored cinematic experiences to date.  This is coming in next to the Q&A road tour for Repo: The Genetic Opera that I was lucky enough to attend, seeing The Matrix in the theater for the first time, getting a chance to see my favorite film of all time, Brotherhood of the Wolf, on a big cinema screen, and of course seeing Episode One on the big screen, (because it was at that point that I knew that George Lucas had officially ruined everything that was important to me as a child growing up).
When I was driving up and down 25th street in Ogden last night with my BFF Justin, we were looking for the Art House Cinema 502, and realized that it definitely did not have any defining features.  We finally got my phone to do what I wanted it to do, and found the theater, right near the Artisan Grille, and we started talking with the owner / operators. and really got a great, wonderful sense that they really had it out to make a great Art House experience.  I paid my $9.50 for my ticket, a bag of popcorn, and a bottle of water (not bad, aye), and walked through the curtain, any my eyes lit up!
Inside the theater were 28 beautiful depression era theater chairs, just begging for me to sit down on each and every one of them.  The walls are brick, with old wall art, the temperature great, and overall just a beautiful setup for an art house.  I sat down and turned my attention to the screen.  While it is not a conventional screen that you would be used to seeing in your local megaplex, it is a perfect size for this quaint, intimate theater.  There were trailers for current, and upcoming films that he Art House 502 will be playing, and as the people started filtering in, (there were 7 people in the theater), I saw the diversity of patron that can find out about a great place like this.  The lights went down, and the film started, and I was a very happy kid...
The Art House has a great schedule, and a lot of great films coming up, including (these are just flicks that I am excited for), Dogtooth (a greek black comedy), The Robber (a german bank heist flick), the classic Tokyo Gore Police (do I need to say anything?), and the documentary Winnebago Man (which looks so awesome), all coming in September.  Do yourselves a favor Ogden, check them out on their Facebook page, or their website, and let’s help this amazing adventure into bringing amazing independent cinema to Ogden.  I know when my first film is done, (knock on wood that it will be this year), I will be holding the premier here.

Rock over London,
Rock on Chicago,
Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat!
NOW...For todays events.
All Day 
Art house cinema 502
Ogden's premier art house cinema. Join us for candy, popcorn, and a cold Coke in our small intimate theatre with limited seating with a personal touch on historic 25th Street in Ogden.  158 Historic 25th St, Ogden, UT 84401
Putty Hill 4:55PM

FREE Teazers Texas Hold-Em
366 36th Street Ogden, UT 84405-1622 (801) 395-1517
Free Texas Hold-em Every Tue, Wed and Sunday!  Multiple Tournaments and Cash Prizes.
Softball Tournaments Registration / Ogden City
Ogden City Recreation Office, 1875 Monroe Blvd., Ogden, Utah 84401
Registration is open for all 2011 Ogden City Adult Softball Tournaments. Ogden City Recreation will be hosting the following tournaments in 2011: Spring Thaw (Mens) on April 22-23, Cinco de Mayo (Mens) on May 6-7, Coed Classic on June 17-18, Pioneer Men's Classic on July 22-23, Pioneer Days Women's Classic on July 24, Coed Class on August 19-20, Fall Classic (Mens) on September 9-10, Lindquist Open (Mens) on Sept 26 through October 1 and the Halloween Classic (Mens) on October 28-29.  For more information contact Ogden City Recreation.
3pm – 8pm 
Free Live Music on the Patio of Harley & Buck’s
3900 N Wolf Creek Drive, Eden, UT 
4pm – 7pm
"LIVE MUSIC" featuring Daren Hislop
The Oaks, On the patio!, 750 Ogden Canyon, Ogden, UT 
Daren Hislop, Singer/Songwriter, will perform for the fist time at The Oaks.  Come and enjoy a new music experience with us.
7:30pm – 10:30pm 
Dharma Sawyer

The Summit Lounge in Layton (yes, it's not Ogden, BUT it's my friend Jackson)
918 Heritage Park Blvd. Layton, UT

As always, don't forget today is RACE YOUR MOUSE AROUND THE ICONS DAY!!!!!  (You're welcome)

******************About Jeff Dillon*******************
Jeff Dillon is a 31 year old graduate (with honors) from the Slytherin house, and gained his doctorate at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. He is a veteran of the battle for Endor, he was the drummer for the rock band Drive Shaft, and was a part of a secret genetics team at InGen until…”The Incident”. 

Nowadays, he spends his time as an independent filmmaker, with the Faded Sky Entertainment production company, and an avid arts advocate. You can usually find Jeff under the pseudo moniker, “Sookie” at local bars singing karaoke with his friends, and a cold PBR, (you have probably never heard of it though).  He is also a HUGE stickler for using “Times New Roman” for everything.

He enjoys his time with a really good book, horror films, indie music, pop music, corn dogs, coffee, beer, or trying to convince people that 28 Days Later is NOT a zombie film.

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