Saturday, January 22, 2011
Indie Weekend- give someone a hug today at 9:05 AM

This weekend is going to be amazing , i just need to keep telling myself that. I'm awake but not willingly as the girl child needed applesauce or she would 'melt' and i needed to work up the energy to pick up my very first food share from crossroads co-op. yay! The amazing assortment of fresh foods and my afternoon cocktails with some rad Ogden mamas are definitely going to make up for my current state of delirium.

So lets get on with it! With all the buzz surrounding park city and Sundance i think its a good time to remind everyone why Ogden rules.

The Basement- Fire in the Skies With Guests: To Ashes, My Final Estate, Aceldama, and more!
Brewskis- showase saturdays feat -the breakfast club
Kamikazes- Shaky Trade rocks out with special guest Big Blue Ox!
Grounds for coffee- Open mic! and effing good coffee
Mojos- FLow, Secret Abilities, Untouchables, Two Mile Road.
jazz in Prime - Winter Series with the Danielle Vaughn Trio
Grounds for coffee- Open mike and effing good coffee
Underground music series- local music youtube channel

Nature Center- Break out your snowshoes and sliding saucers (or borrow ours) for a day of slippery, snowy fun at Ogden Nature Center -- weather permitting, of course.
Weber pathways- It's a wonderful day for a hike don't you think?

Locomotive Restoration Project- The Golden Spike Chapter of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society has taken on the effort of restoring, Denver & Rio Grande Western railroad steam locomotive #223 to an operational engine. Meet at Union Station.

The Gallery Theater at the Eccles Community Art Center-presents- an original production " The Reach of You" songs and works by Gallery Ensemble

rock beats scissors- RBS #15 leave a comment on their facebook to hear it answered in the show

Borrowed earth emporium- Romani Gypsy dance workshop

Union Station bridal gathering-
fashion show, Almost Newlywed Game, door prizes, wedding games and more. Over 50 wedding vendors featured.

Peery's Egyptian theater- Sundance films- project nim, in a better world, the ledge, win win

UPDATE- I'm sweaty and lightheaded from my bike excursion and currently enjoying a tall cold glass off fresh pressed local apple cider. Oh! The bike ride was worth it indeed. It always takes a bit for me to get motivated to bike downtown, the ride there is always so blissful with the wind whipping in my hair and whizzing in my ears. But as with all good things it must be balanced my something dreadful. I am lucky enough to live at the base of beautiful mountains , breathtaking views are a norm and i am just a short walk from mountain trail but biking home is agony. But i choose bike i always feel really good once I've recovered from the initial exhaustion.

Here is a little info on the community food co-op of Utah:
The Community Food Co-op is not just about saving money, it’s about working together for a common good.
By participating, you are sustaining a project that makes it possible for anyone to stretch their budgets, eat more healthily, and be more deliberate, thoughtful consumers.The Co-op gives everyone the opportunity to come together for food, savings, and community!

Vintage Cupcakes- Don't forget to put your name/card in our drawing jar...we are giving away a 1/2 dozen cert EVERY week!!
Groupon- half off facials
godealgo- great deal on Eco products

Blogger ladaisi said on January 22, 2011

  It sounds like you have much fun in Ogden.

I love it how you refer to your daughter as girl child.

Ladaisi Blog

Blogger mama mouse said on January 22, 2011

  haha thanks

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